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HHIE is off to a great start! We had a full house during our beginning of school events including Back-To-School and Meet and Greet Events! We also held our first set of SIC and PTO meetings and had a great turnout. Our ESOL Parent night and literacy night was well received. Thank you to all the parents and community members that made these such great events!

MAP testing (math and ELA) and beginning-of-year reading assessments are complete. You will receive information about both of these assessments at your parent conferences in October and with Q1 Report Cards. In addition, you will have information about how your child did last Spring during state achievement testing. This information is reviewed closely by all staff members so we can also reflect on our curriculum and instructional practices. Please take the time to celebrate your child’s accomplishments! Overall, our school did a tremendous job-beating the district mean in almost every grade and content area. This is a tribute to you as the parents and our tremendous staff.

Our Town Hall recognized students who are showcasing the attitudes of enthusiasm and creativity on a regular basis. We also were able to celebrate students who scored Maximum Scores on last year’s state testing including: Calvin Clayton, Jack Linkimer, Isabella Perez, and current 6th graders Landon Schwartz and Alexandra Coley.

HHIE Students have been doing an amazing job taking ACTION. Between RJ Arauz collecting food and supplies for victims of Hurricane Irma, Connor Sheeran and Taylan Olcer working to collect money for Puerto Rico, Elena Richard implementing the Buddy Club program which involves students working with students with special needs, and Ms. Ford and Ms. Wu’s class idea of Crayola ColorCycle, a program devised to turn used markers into energy, our students are doing an AMAZING job at making a difference. We recently added a “Take Action” button icon on our web page so you as parents can also let us know about other students taking action! This is a huge part of the PYP framework and philosophy and demonstrates attitudes such as empathy and commitment and being caring and principled, components of the IB Learner Profile.

CLUBS has been off to a great start thanks to Michelle Brockway, Melina Magazzu and our teachers! Students have been playing basketball, writing code, learning languages, and conducting science experiments. Our GT Artistic students are involved with the production of the Not So Grimm Tales which will be showcased during the Arts and Exhibition Showcase on December 14th. Our students have had the opportunity to meet a real Broadway star, Andrew Keenan-Bolger and were able to listen to the HHI Symphony.

Operation Otter 100% has had a strong start. Funding for this initiative allows monies for supplemental opportunities for our students including end-of-year activities for our rising 6th graders. We appreciate all who have contributed and encourage others to do so if possible. We also have been selling our HHIE Spirit Wear on Fridays and at night events which include water bottles, towels, sweatshirts, t-shirts and car magnets. Please check out all of our great items in our front display case.

Please don’t forget to watch our daily news program, the Otter Morning News which is accessible on the HHIE website, under the Students Tab. Lots of good information and even a few funny BLOOPERS!!! We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook where we try to do a daily post of our happenings!

Thank you for all of your support! It is truly an honor to work with your child(ren) each and every day!

Sarah L. Owen

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