KITE-LL Language Program

Hilton Head Island Elementary School is proud to offer KITE-LL: Kids Interacting Through Early Language Learning for all grades 3-5 students that are not enrolled in the dual-language classes.

The KITE-LL series is a hybrid distance-learning program produced by ETV and the South Carolina State Department of Education that combines pre-taped video lessons with face-to-face instruction and assessment by certified world language teachers. 

Produced for grades 3, 4, and 5 in Spanish, the series consists of 30 weeks of daily content-related lessons per grade level. Each week consists of 4 taped lessons and accompanying lesson plans for 1 face-to-face lesson. The taped lessons for days 1, 2, and 3 require the cooperation of classroom teachers to ensure that the students actively participate in the lessons and receive necessary materials. The lesson plans for days 4 and 5 require the presence of a certified world language teacher

The curricular design of the KITE-LL series is “backward” as described by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe in Understanding by Design. Instead of beginning with topics and activities, the first step in planning each KITE-LL unit was to establish the end goals and standards and then to design the curriculum from the evidence of learning (performances) and the teaching needed to equip students to perform. “Backward design may be thought of as a purposeful task analysis: Given a worthy task to be accomplished, how do we best get everyone equipped?”(19). Each unit, therefore, concludes with a performance assessment based on the 3 modes of communication of the national and state standards: interpretive, interpersonal and presentational.  

KITE-LL is an elementary language program that draws from grade-level content standards (primarily social studies, language arts, science, and mathematics) to teach Spanish.   By providing students with daily language instruction, they are working towards mastery of the Spanish language as well as supporting their understanding of the grade level content.


Ms. Jalane Lugo is our certified Spanish teacher that is supporting the KITE-LL program at HHIE.


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