Health Services Program

Health Services Program
Please do not send your child to school if he/she is ill or has: Fever, bad cough, severe sore throat, diarrhea, skin rash, vomiting, lice, or pink eye
Usually following an illness, your child may return to school if the above symptoms have not been present for at least 24 hours.
Health Office Procedures- The Health office is located at the Main street entrance. Please feel free to come meet our nurse. Our health office is open from 7:20 - 3:20 daily.
  1. If your child cannot return to the classroom within a reasonable length of time, a parent or emergency contact will be called to take the child home.
  2. If a child needs to be sent home during the day, it will be necessary for the parent or emergency contact to come to the school, sign out the child, and take the child home immediately.
  3. Parents wishing school personnel to administer medication must complete the Administration of Medication Form and have it on file in the office. These forms may be obtained from the office.
  4. Health office information must be kept current, especially telephone numbers.
Medication Policy- The parent/ legal guardian must bring to the school any medication that the school is expected to administer. No medication, prescribed or non-prescribed, can be dispensed without an Administration of Medication form, which must be signed by the parent. This form must be brought to the school by the parent along with the medicine in its original container. The medicine must be labeled with the student’s name, the name of the medication, directions for taking, dosage, time of day to be taken, the physician’s name, and the date of the prescription. A non-prescription medication must be in its original container and labeled with the student’s name and directions for giving the dosage. To take the medicine, the students will go to the health office where the medication is kept in its original container. No medicine is kept in the classrooms. At the end of the year, parents may pick up a child’s medicine from the health office or it will be discarded.
Pediculosis- Periodic head checks are conducted in the school to control head lice. If it is believed a student has the louse or nits, we will contact the parent to pick up their child for treatment. The child’s hair must be treated with shampoo specific for this condition. After treatment, our nurse will check to insure that your child’s treatment was successful. This will be mandatory prior to returning to class.
Contagious Health Problems- We do not diagnose. However, in the event a child appears to have a contagious problem such as lice, chicken pox, ringworm, pink eye, scabies, etc., the parent will be notified and arrangements must be made for the student to be taken home. The student will be readmitted to school when the problem has cleared up or with written notice from the physician stating that the case is under treatment and is no longer contagious. In some, cases, notification will be sent to all students in the affected classrooms in order to alert the parents.